garden consulation

Caroline has been designing and creating gardens for several decades. Her knowledge of Bowen and the challenges faced, makes her a good choice for a light garden consultation. Maybe you need ideas for an overhaul, perhaps you've bought an existing garden that isn't working, or you are starting from scratch. 


Caroline will visit your garden, where she will spend approximately one hour. Together you will walk the garden. Ideas will be offered for what to keep, and how to make the layout more cohesive. 

This is such a valuable option and helps prevent you making costly mistakes with unsuitable plant choices and design flaws. You'll get suggestions for new plant material, which can be ordered through The Bowen Island Flower Shop at a discounted quantity rate. You will take notes or record the consultation. This pricing does not include a follow up plan, but Caroline is usually available at the shop for questions and information on plant choices. 

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